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This ready-to-use PowerPoint is perfect for pastors, teachers, or personal study. The Easter Story PowerPoint presents Jesus' death and resurrection in an easy-to-understand way and shows how Jesus fulfilled Old Testament prophesies. This life-impacting set of slides also gives explanations and insights about the most important event in the history of the world.

Rose Publishing Product Code: 214X

Want to do a group Bible study virtually during quarantine or lockdown? No problem! These PowerPoint® presentation Bible studies are easy to screenshare over Zoom or other video conferencing softwares and services! Simply open the PowerPoint® when you're ready to present to your small group--anyone can lead these studies!--and select "Share Screen" and choose the PowerPoint® window. Set your presentation to full screen and your Bible study is ready to go! It's never been easier to teach the Bible visually and virtually! (Visit our PowerPoint® FAQs for more details.)

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