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Product Description

It’s thrills, spills, and ch-ch-chills when a lightning-fast, branch-breaking toboggan ride lands Dylan, Jesse, and Carter at the bottom of Avalanche Canyon.
Excitement is in the air as Odyssey’s Junior Woodscouts settle into Camp What-A-Nut for their winter retreat. But when Jesse wanders over from the girls’ camp to give Dylan a fright, he’s determined to teach her a lesson she’ll never forget. With the help of his new friend Carter, Dylan takes his little sister on a hair-raising toboggan ride that plunges them right into Avalanche Canyon! While Eugene valiantly attempts to rescue the trio, Dylan, Jesse, and Carter begin a search for civilization that brings them face-to-face with an angry bear, the mysterious legend of Hatchet Jack, and a heartwarming reminder of the importance of kindness and brotherly love.
Special Features
  • One full-length video on one DVD
  • Two 30-minute audio adventures: “Winning Edge” and “Flash Flood”
  • Chapter selection
  • Adventures in Odyssey screen savers
  • Computer wallpaper
DVD running time: approx. 30 minutes

Product Details

DVD Video