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Little Verses for Little Voices

1. The Lord’s Prayer
2. Love One Another
3. Your Word Is a Lamp
4. For God So Loved the World
5. For Such a Time As This
6. The Lord Is My Shepherd
7. If My People Pray
8. I Am the Good Shepherd
9. The Fruit of the Spirit
10. This Is the Day the Lord Has Made
11. In the Beginning
12. The Lord Is My Rock
13. Ask, Seek, and Knock
14. Do Not Judge
15. Remember Your Creator
16. Do Your Best, Child
17. Never Give Up
18. In All Things God Works for Good
19. Keep My Commandments
20. The Romans Road
21. I Am the Way
22. Children, Obey Your Parents
23. The Wind Obeys
24. Love Your Neighbor
25. When I Am Afraid
26. How Awesome Is the Lord
27. Do to Others
28. What Is Impossible
29. I Know the Plans I Have for You
30. Unwholesome Talk

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