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Product Description

Strap on yer chaps, grab yer hat, and git ready for a rip-roarin’ ride to the Wild West!
John Avery Whittaker has completed the most amazing transport machine ever—the Imagination Station! Dylan and Eugene jump in and take off on their maiden voyage to the Old West . . . and drop in on a frantic feud to save the town of Tuttleville from the dreadful Dalton gang. After promising that he and Eugene are committed to cleaning up the streets, Dylan discovers it’s a bigger job than he ever imagined. And when faced with a showdown, Dylan must decide whether to keep his word or run for his life! Rustle up the whole family for this galloping adventure of courage and integrity.
Special Features
  • One full-length video on one DVD
  • Two 30-minute audio adventures: “Election Deception” and “Not So Trivial Pursuits”
  • Chapter selection
  • Adventures in Odyssey screen savers
  • Computer wallpaper
DVD running time: approx. 30 minutes

Product Details

DVD Video