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Product Description

It’s Christmastime, and all Dylan Taylor wants is an XR-7 limited edition speedster. But his hopes are zapped when he discovers its extravagant price tag would overload the family budget. That is, until he hears that the two-wheeled titanium turbo bike is the grand prize of Odyssey’s Christmas yard-decorating contest!
Dylan’s scheming neighbor, Doug, has his own plans. And when Dylan gets a glimpse of Doug’s snow-sculpted, ten-foot-tall twin T. rexes towing a skiing Elvis amid a cluster of cut-out palm trees, Dylan switches his design from a humble manger scene to a super-charged, megawatt wonderland. What follows is a powerful reminder that grounds them all in the true meaning of Christmas.
Special Features
  • One full-length video on one DVD
  • Two 30-minute audio adventures: “Peace on Earth” and “The Visitors”
  • Chapter selection
  • Adventures in Odyssey screen savers
  • Computer wallpaper
DVD running time: approx. 30 minutes

Product Details

DVD Video