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Welcome to Odyssey!
Four Original Stories of Mystery, Fantasy, and Surprise

Odyssey is finally feeling like home when Mark Prescott heads off to face the challenges of summer camp in Lights Out at Camp What-A-Nut. Bunking with a bully leads to big misunderstandings, but a surprising twist of fate gives him a new perspective. In The King’s Quest, Mark learns he might be facing an unwanted move. But an Imagination Station adventure helps him understand God is at work even when things feel out of control. As Mark moves out of Odyssey, Jack Davis befriends the new kid in town and they learn about a convict on the loose. In Danger Lies Ahead, Jack finds himself trapped in a web of intrigue, wondering who he can really trust. A Carnival of Secrets begins with Pattie Eldridge missing her friend Mark and paying an ill-advised visit to a fortune-telling tent. If Mark returns, will it only be to join her in facing Madam Clara’s curse?

Recommended for ages 8 and up

Look for other exciting omnibooks from Adventures in Odyssey®: Point of No Return, The Fight for Kidsboro, and Strange Journey Back.

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Trim Size:
6 x 9 in.

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