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Are you confident in your beliefs?
Don’t let doubts or objections intimidate you. Bestselling author Mark Mittelberg will show how you can enjoy a solid and robust faith that you can share with your skeptical friends or questioning family members. There is a firm foundation for your beliefs. Explore that foundation with:
  • A fun Faith Path Questionnaire, which helps you understand how you arrived at your beliefs—and how that affects your confidence in them
  • The Twenty Arrows of Truth, showing reasons from science, logic, history, archaeology, and experience, as well as facts related to the Bible, that will bolster your trust in the claims of Christianity
  • The Ten Barriers to Belief, which will help you—and those you talk to—overcome impediments to spiritual confidence
You can have a confident faith. Discover how—today!

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5.5 x 8.25 in.

Exclusive Preview

In Confident Faith, Mark Mittelberg assures Christians that we can be confident in our beliefs. There’s no reason to be timid about what we believe, because our beliefs can stand up to the test. Truth isn’t dependent on how a person feels or one’s own point of view, as so many assert. On the contrary, we can determine truth through our five senses, and that truth reliably points to a deeper and unseen reality.

Mark walks readers through twenty arrows that point towards Christian beliefs: from the intricate design of the universe to archaeological proofs, from the consistent testimony of changed lives to the reliability of the ancient documents of the Bible. After studying these arrows, you’ll put this book down with a renewed confidence in what you believe and why it matters for eternity.