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Product Description

Ever wonder why there are so many different versions of the Bible? How do you know which translation to choose? Bible Translations Made Easy compares the top 20 translations in one easy-to-read guide!

This handy book is an informative and practical resource for understanding the most popular English Bible translations today. Loaded with valuable information, this book will show you what to look for when choosing a Bible by understanding the key methods of Bible translation:
  • Word-for-Word
  • Thought-for-Thought
  • Balance of previous two methods
  • Or a fourth translation treatment of a paraphrase
It also shows the various reading levels required for each translation, from very formal English (such as the King James Version) to easy-to-read translations (like the New Living Translation). It provides brief overviews about Greek and Hebrew source manuscripts as well as sample verses for each translation so you can compare the wording!

  • Introductions to Each Bible Translation. These quick overviews allow you to distinguish between the top 20 Bible translations available. They even include sample verses for each translation so you can compare the wording for yourself!
  • Easy-to-Understand Overview. Designed using clear and organized headers and sections for the 20 most popular translations of the Bible, this handbook answers key questions about Bible translation including year of most recent release, sponsoring organization, textual basis, and purpose of translation.
  • Full-Color Charts and Illustrations. Easily compare the top 20 translations with Rose’s highly visual format at a glance!

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