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Product Description

Thunder! Lightning! Mystery! Mystery?!
Whit is stranded outside of Odyssey during a storm. Connie and Dylan have gotten caught up in a mystery movie in his absence, and suddenly every visitor to Whit’s End looks suspicious to them! There are laughs and chills galore as Eugene tries to temper things with reason, while Connie and Dylan are positive that a stranger stranded by a storm is actually an escapee from a nearby prison! Suddenly, Connie disappears and it appears that a murder has taken place at Whit’s End. It’s all downhill from there as the misguided trio learns a valuable lesson about the power of things we put into our minds.
Special Features
  • One full-length video on one DVD
  • Two 30-minute audio adventures: “Suspicious Minds” and “Rumor Has It”
  • Chapter selection
  • Adventures in Odyssey screen savers
  • Computer wallpaper
DVD running time: approx. 30 minutes

Product Details

DVD Video