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Is the Bible full of made up stories or is there evidence for the people, places, customs, and events mentioned in Scripture? In 50 Proofs for the Bible: New Testament you will find solid evidence that supports the trustworthiness of New Testament Scripture. Includes important finds such as:
  • The Pontius Pilate inscription—which confirms his historicity as Roman prefect in Luke 3
  • The “city authorities” (polytarch) inscriptions—proof that the apostle Paul’s use of the word was correct in Acts 17
  • The Synagogue at Capernaum (Mark 1:21-28; Luke 4:31-37; John 6:59)
  • The Gallio inscription—proof of the Roman governor Gallio mentioned in Acts 18)
  • The Erastus inscription—showing that Erastus, mentioned in Romans 16:23, was an important public official
A companion piece to this work is 50 Proofs for the Bible: Old Testament, which examines archaeological and other proofs regarding the legitimacy of Old Testament people and events. Both pamphlets are excellent resources for Bible studies or for anyone who has questions about the accuracy of Scripture.

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